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About TechDefy


In 2018, after years of coffee research and tons of tasting, 4 friends launched Savage Perk Coffee Company, but Savage Perk was not their first business venture. Let's travel back in time...

April 1998, Just Strategy’s was founded by Jason Nichols, a high school student attending James Logan High in Union City, CA. While only 16, Mr. Nichols devoted all of his time to Just Strategy’s using a computer purchased by his father. The idea for this computer? To help Jason with his school work. Little did Jason's father know, this purchase would send his son down an unforeseen path in life - Just Strategy’s. In 2014, after years of success, and tons of coffee, Jason was ready for a new image and rebranded Just Strategy's to TechDefy.

From 98 to current day, TechDefy published applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Coding always called for long hours and laser focus and this was achieved with a large amount of coffee; one could say it made us kind of Coffee Snobs. All of this coffee intake eventually triggered our desire to bring the world the best coffee since... coffee. We still develop for iOS to this day although our focus as a company is the digital marketing for our parent company, Savage Perk.

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