iMessage Stickers

don't say it... stick it



Stick em’ up!

TechDefy has several sticker packs on the Apple iMessage store for your enjoyment. Want to go camping? Stick a tent on your message! Want to have a bonfire? Stick a fire on your message! Maybe you want to roll a fat one? Send them a leaf… you get where this is going so we won’t keep it up. Browse our available packages below, we will constantly add more so keep checking back!


US Holiday stickers is by far our best seller to date. Visit the app store today to pick up a copy at a special sale price!


Leafy! With the crazy around Marijuana leagalization happening in states all over the US… we thought, why not give you some stickers for it?

The camping stickers

These stickers are just plain fun! If you are heading to the great outdoors with your friends or family, shoot them some messages to build up the excitement (or maybe a bear to spark some fear).

The Workout Stickers

Headed to the gym to work on your abs? Invite a friend and challenge them to a pull up contest… egg them on with some simple workout stickers in iMessage! Best of all these are 100% free!

The Animal Stickers

Cute and cozy little animals that any animal lover will enjoy sticking in their iOS messages. From dogs and cats to more exotic little buggers like pandas and monkeys! Grab a pack of fury critters today!

The Vegas Stickers

Viva Las Vegas! What happens in vegas almost never stays in vegas thanks to camera phones! Why not have a little fun with it and put some vegas style stickers on your photos?

The Ocean Stickers

Dolphins, Starfish, and Sharks… oh my! Grab a copy of The Ocean Stickers to show your friends how much you enjoy being under the sea… because its better down where its wetter.

The Military Stickers

Show your support for your military with the use of our Military Stickers. Jets, Tanks, Troops, Ranks, and more! This pack has everything you need to show your military pride!