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Welcome to techdefy, llc. Your one stop shop for mobile apps, business to business services, and coffee (because you need to stay awake to do everything else).

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Savage Perk

Owned and operated by TechDefy, LLC., Savage Perk provides some of the best coffee from around the globe. Savage Perk is craft coffee at the price of discount store brands. Sip Like a Savage today!

Ad Services +

TechDefy is proud to bring billboard and mobile advertising solutions to our customers, powered by the worlds most advanced software by adomni. Get a billboard today for as little as $50!

All About TechDefy

TechDefy, where we push the limits of technology. TechDefy is a team of coffee connoisseur computer geeks that have a love for all things coffee and digital. We believe that unique information, products, and services should be made accessible to consumers and businesses alike throughout the world. The internet and technology in general have been vital to economic growth not only in the United States; but around the world since 1990, thanks Tim Berners-Lee! TechDefy helps make online shopping for consumers as easy as point, click, buy; and we make advertising on billboards in major cities around the world a breeze for businesses. Based in Sheridan Wyoming, TechDefy is a growing powerhouse in the retail and b2b industry with a focus on saving consumers and businesses money to ultimately make life easier for all.

The History

April 8th, 1998, Just Strategy’s was founded by Jason Nichols, a California bay area high school student attending James Logan High of Union City. While only 16 years of age, Mr. Nichols devoted all of his free time to Just Strategy’s using a basic computer purchased at auction by his father, George Francis Nichols. The idea behind this computer was to help Mr. Nichols with his school work, little did he know this purchase would send his son down a new and unforeseen path in life - Just Strategy’s. In 2011 TechDefy, a relatively small business at the time; merged with Just Strategy’s and discontinued the use of the Just Strategy’s name but our founder, Jason Nichols, stayed with the company as our CEO.

From 2011 to current day, TechDefy's vision and market focus have undergone many changes but without ever losing sight of the ultimate goal, becoming an American household name. TechDefy was developed in South San Francisco California and is currently headquartered in Sheridan Wyoming with satellite locations throughout the United States. TechDefy currently has a staff of about 47 who are hard at work day in and day out to keep our services and content updated. Although still small, our services and products have been requested many times over.

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation-to-situation or person-to-person; they are the underpinning of our company culture.

1: Always provide the highest quality products and services available.

2: Satisfying and delighting our customers each and every day.

3: Caring for our communities and our environment through volunteer efforts, donations, use of rewnewable energy, and education.

4: Supporting team member excellence, continued education, and career growth.

5: Run our business internally as a family, everyone has a face and name, not a number or metric EVER. We put our employees financial well being and stability ahead of our financial gain.

6: Taking personal accountability for our actions and results.